Sports Alive has been recognised locally and nationally since 2010 as a leading provider of a variety of quality programmes for young people across Liverpool.  As an organisation we continually strive to offer children and young people a service that reflects their interests and needs, enabling us to build positive relationships and strong foundations for long term community engagement.

We offer services that meet their needs and are flexible and responsive in developing services that are unique and lead the way, both in terms of direct engagement and advocacy. Our offer was developed as part of a consultation process but can and does include delivery and support of local and citywide Youth Clubs, Youth Projects, Detached Projects, Outreach Project, Sports Programmes and Activity Sessions.

These programmes are developed with the community, for the community and each programme is designed specifically to meet the interests and needs of those we wish to engage. In August 2018 Sports Alive were awarded Charity status before this Sports Alive ran as a CIC.