We work with schools in a number of areas both as part of the curriculum to supporting extra-curricular activities. We provide classroom assistance, can deliver Physical Education or Health Sessions as well as delivering programmes that support personal development. We are able to offer various programmes to schools;

Sports packages, during lunch, after school or part of school day, our coaches are experienced and are able to work with groups of young people and design a sports programme which they are motivated to participate in. The sorts coaches can offer more than ‘just’ sport, they are able to work with the children and young people to raise confidence, and self-esteem, they can also work on behaviour issues through sports sessions.

Issue based workshops, sports alive are able to work with groups of children and young people in a school setting to deliver educative programmes around various issues:

– Self esteem

-Healthy eating and cooking sessions

– Health education; sexual health and relationships, substance use, mental health and well being

– Gun and knife crime awareness