Open Access Policy

“Open access play provision may be permanent or a short-term scheme offering play opportunities.  Open access provision is where children may come and go freely; this is where there is no requirement for children to be either brought to or collected from the provision by an adult” 

Fair Play for Children

Sports Alive offers open access play provision across, we do not offer childcare.  This means that children can decide to come and go as they please, regardless whether they are accompanied by an adult.  

Open access play sessions are designed specifically to respond to the needs and wishes of children young people, which makes them very popular “out of school provisions”.  Sports Alive provide fully DBS checked and trained staff at all sessions, it is not staff responsibility to ensure young people stay on site during sessions.

Parent/carers will be informed that Sports Alive offer open access sessions and the nature of this will be explained fully.  Parent/carers will also sign to state they understand that Sports Alive operate open access sessions on the consent form, which all children will have to have completed.  NO young person will be admitted to any session without a completed, signed consent form. For children under 8 accessing our indoor sessions we will phone parents if the child asks to leave the sessions and parents need to be available to pick children up if needed. On park session parents of children under 8s will be expected to stay with children. 

Benefits of open access play provision: 

Open access play provision is a very special and unique opportunity for children and young people. There currently are few opportunities for children and young people to engage in activities that they have freely chosen. Sports Alive is staffed by staff who DBS checked staff who are fully trained to allow children to play and engage with their environment on their own terms. Playing at the open access session benefits children and young people by: 

  • Providing them with opportunity to enjoy freedom, exercise choice and control over their own actions. 
  • Offering the opportunity to test boundaries and explore risk. 
  • Offering a far wider range of physical, social and intellectual experiences than any other single activity. 
  • Being available at times to suit them. 
  • Providing the opportunity to mix with children of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. 
  • Giving them the ability to end their play when they choose. 
  • Contributing to the recommended minimum 60 minutes of physical activity all children/young people need daily.
  • Providing the opportunity to gain confidence and independence in their personal, social and emotional development, their language development, their creative and physical development as well as extending their knowledge and understanding of the world around them.